Wallbook app launches with a Big Bang

Friday 14th March, 2014

Our fabulous new What on Earth? Wallbook App is being demonstrated for the first time this week at the giant Big Bang Science Fair at the NEC in Birmingham. Thousands of children from schools all over the UK attended the first day of the show yesterday.

The What on Earth? stand features a giant Wallbook of Science flanked by two SMART boards displaying the new Wallbook app, developed by digital Wallbook guru Steve Howell.  Students can test their knowledge on the history of science by taking the Wallbook App One Minute Challenge to see how many multiple choice questions they can answer correctly in just a minute. if they are not sure of the correct answer they can click a CLUE button that zooms then to the right part of the Wallbook where the correct answer is to be found Рbut doing this all costs time!!

More than 150 visitors took the challenge yesterday (Thursday 13th March). Our champion of the day yesterday (Fridya) was Owen Kennedy with a stupendous score of 33 points! To see today’s leaderboard just click here!

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