The Universe Story

To believe or not to believe? Do the unexplained mysteries of the Universe support the idea of God?

Scientists and religious leaders have been rubbing each other up the wrong way for years. During this talk we tackle their rival views of existence head on, starting at the beginning of time – the Big Bang. Our journey then stops off at ten mysteries, all of which remain largely unaccounted for by modern science.

The workshop ends with a horizontal line drawn on a flip chart and pupils are asked to decide where their own personal beliefs reside on the line. Are they on the atheist random luck end, in the middle with some kind of divine architect or do they believe in an intervening God or gods as the most credible explanation?

This talk was first given at Shireland Academy, Birmingham, in November 2013.


Asymmetry between matter and anti-matter following the Big Bang; Collision of Earth & Theia to make the Moon; Giant bombardment of comets brings water to Earth; Proximity of Earth to Sun allowing liquid water for life to thrive, Origin of life in the seas; Oxidation of atmosphere by cyanobacteria leading to ozone layer; Emergence of complex life; Origins and purpose of sexual reproduction; plate tectonics.

Key Stage

Year 3 to A -Level / Adult audiences