A History of the World from the Big Bang to the Present Day

A history of the world using a timeline, 20 objects and a coat of many pockets taking pupils on an epic journey from the beginning of time to the present day!

Take the ultimate cross-curricular journey stopping off at 20 key moments in the history of planet, life and people. Using a series of everyday objects, picked from a coat of many pockets by the audience, the story of 13.7 billion years is threaded together into a single sweeping narrative with a giant edition of the the What on Earth? Wallbook as a stunning backdrop.

This talk was first given at The Royal Institution in London in 2008 at the launch of world history book What on Earth Happened?.


Cosmology, Planet formation, Photosynthesis, Cambrian Explosion, Dinosaurs, Mammal diversification, Human origins, Fire, Agriculture, Writing, Ancient civilisations, Islamic conquests, European expansion, Industrial revolution, Climate change, Population growth.

Key Stage

Can be customised to suit from Year 1 to A -Level / Adult